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In a world where plastic has become the go-to material for everyday items, it’s no surprise that plastic syringes have become a popular choice for medical professionals. As the demand for affordable, convenient, and disposable health products continues to rise, an extensive range of plastic syringe options has hit the market. In this roundup, we’ll explore the top picks — from high-quality disposable options to more durable reusable syringes — so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect plastic syringe for your needs.

The Top 18 Best Plastic Syringe

  1. Stainless Steel Nozzle Dose Syringe for Equine and Dental Use — Experience unparalleled versatility with the durable 400ml Plastic Dose Syringe, designed to effortlessly administer large doses for equine and dental applications in a high-quality package.
  2. Oversized Plastic Novelty Syringes for Halloween Nurse Costume — Bring some spooky fun this Halloween with these 2 milky white plastic syringes, perfect for nurse and party costumes, or your next quirky party activity!
  3. Durable Plastic Science Syringe Set for Multiple Uses — Experience easy and efficient fluid measurement and dispensing with Frienda’s Large Plastic Syringe, designed for industrial use and offering various suitable applications such as lab work, garden watering, and essential oil separation.
  4. Mid-Size Plastic Syringe for Accurate Liquid Measurements — The Lindmeyers Plastic Syringe is a versatile and economical choice for measuring liquids, featuring easy-to-read marks and a rigid plastic construction, available in a variety of sizes including the 150ml option.
  5. Walgreens Accurate Dosage Plastic Syringe — Walgreens Dosage Syringe with Brush: Color-coded cap for accuracy, extra-large plunger for flow control, ideal for precise dosing, and BPA-free construction, recommended by pharmacists.
  6. Multipurpose Washable Plastic Syringes for Industrial Use — HUOBAOPAO’s Plastic Garden Syringes offer a versatile solution for multiple uses, including scientific labs, glue dispensing, and watering plants, providing clear gradations and convenient cleaning for industrial and animal feeding applications.
  7. Affordable 10-Pack Plastic Syringes for Industrial Uses — LabAider’s 10-pack 20ml/cc large plastic syringes offer a versatile choice for scientific labs, measuring liquids, feeding, and industrial applications; individually sealed for sterility and safety with clear, accurate scales.
  8. Premium 30-Pack Plastic Shot Syringes for Jello Shots — Revolutionize your jello shot experience with the Juvale 30-Pack Sturdy Plastic Shot Syringes, perfect for parties and graduations!
  9. High Capacity Plastic Syringe for Medical Use — A versatile 50ml plastic syringe solution with sterile, latex-free mounted needle, perfect for diverse medical applications!
  10. Affordable and Portable 5ml Syringes Pack of 3 — Get the Modelcraft 5 ml Syringes (3pc) white — the perfect disposable option for small liquid applications in a clear, 5 ml capacity that suits any task with ease.
  11. Single-Use SoftPack Syringe for Various Applications — Monoject SoftPack Regular Tip Syringe: A 6 ml, color-coded, self-sealing, and sterile single-use syringe with a heat-etched graduation, designed for precise and effortless movement, making it a perfect choice for medical professionals.
  12. Lab-Grade 10ml Plastic Syringe for Nuclear Medicine & IVF Procedures — Experience the ultimate safety and versatility with the Norm JECT All Plastic Syringe 10ml, 100/box — Perfect for laboratory procedures, IVF, Embryo-Transfer, Chromatography, and more!
  13. High-Quality, Latex-Free Plastic Syringes with Safety Stop — The Norm Ject All Plastic Syringe, a high-quality, sterile, and non-reactive option for injecting liquids, offers a safe and reliable solution for various laboratory procedures with its positive safety stop.
  14. Stylish Reusable Plastic Shot Syringes for Parties — Elevate your parties with Way to Celebrate Party Shots, featuring 8 reusable 1 oz. plastic shot syringes perfect for alcoholic drinks, shooters, Jell-O, and more!
  15. Precise Garden Syringe for Nutrient Measurements — The Measure Master Garden Syringe — a clean, accurate, and easy-to-use 60ml/cc plastic solution for all your gardening liquid measuring needs.
  16. 29 Gauge Insulin Syringe — Prescription Required 🔥 — GNP Insulin Syringe 29 Gauge, 1cc, 1/2", 100ct — A high-quality, comfortably coated needle and syringe designed with a unibody and easy-to-read markings, providing precise medication administration.
  17. Economical 10-Pack of 60ml Plastic Large Syringes — A 10-pack of high-quality 60ml plastic syringes with long tips, individually sealed for sterility and precision, designed for industrial use only.
  18. Easy-to-Use Monoject Oral Medication Syringe — Monoject Oral Dispenser Syringe: Clean, single-use polypropylene syringe with clear barrel and plunger rod, dual graduations, and an oral feeding luer tip, perfect for precise oral medication administration.

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Stainless Steel Nozzle Dose Syringe for Equine and Dental Use


I recently got my hands on the 400ml plastic dose syringe with stainless steel nozzle, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my daily life. As someone who often needs to administer medication to my pets, I appreciate its large capacity drencher that allows for the administration of large doses.

What stood out to me was its almost unbreakable plastic barrel, which added a sense of reassurance whenever I used it. The clear nylon material made it easy to monitor the amount of liquid remaining, and the stainless steel nozzle ensured that the dosage was always precise.

However, one downside I noticed was its shipping time, which took longer than expected. Despite that, the product itself lived up to my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. In fact, I even compared it with a similar product that had thinner plastic and broke in half, and this one seemed like a much sturdier option. Overall, it’s been an excellent addition to my daily routine, and I highly recommend it to others.

Oversized Plastic Novelty Syringes for Halloween Nurse Costume


I’ve been using these oversized nurse costumes complete with the 2-pack Halloween syringes, and it’s quite a fun experience. The syringes measure approximately 18cm and are made of milky white plastic with an “Oral Medication” label and a black cross, giving them a realistic medical vibe. I’ve found them useful for both costumes and as a unique party accessory.

On the downside, the syringes don’t hold liquid well, which can be a disappointment for some users. However, the highlight for me has been their ability to add a fun touch to any party or costume event. So, while there might be a few drawbacks, overall, they’re a great novelty item to bring some life to any get-together.

Durable Plastic Science Syringe Set for Multiple Uses


I recently tried out the Frienda Large Plastic Syringe for my cat’s water dispenser and I must say, it has been a game-changer. Its wide mouth design makes refilling a breeze and the clear plastic makes it easy to see the volume of liquid left in the syringe.

One feature I truly appreciate is how easy it is to clean, especially after every use. Simply place it in soapy water, give it a good shake, then let it air-dry. I wish more household items were as easy to clean!

Despite its numerous perks, the syringe does have its drawbacks. Its plastic material can be pretty flimsy, so I have to be extra careful when dispensing liquids to avoid any spills.

Overall, if you’re after a sturdy and practical tool for your daily life, this syringe is absolutely a worthwhile investment. However, I would recommend being extra cautious with it, as it could break if handled too roughly.

Mid-Size Plastic Syringe for Accurate Liquid Measurements


As a reviewer, I’ve been using the Lindmeyers 150ml Plastic Syringe Reusable Tube Clear for Measuring Liquids Medical Metric for a while now, and I have to say, it has been a game-changer in my daily life. Firstly, the syringe’s easy-to-read marks are a lifesaver, making precise measurements of liquids a breeze. The rigid plastic material also adds an extra layer of durability, which I truly appreciate.

However, one thing I noticed is that the syringe is somewhat larger than I initially thought, so it might not work for all applications. Additionally, a few users mentioned their package took longer to arrive than expected. But overall, this Plastic Syringe has been a reliable and efficient addition to my toolbox, making tasks ranging from food prep to automotive maintenance much easier.

Walgreens Accurate Dosage Plastic Syringe


As someone who’s been using Walgreens Dosage Syringes with Brush on a regular basis, I can happily say it’s a game-changer. The color-coded cap ensures precision, while the extra-large plunger makes controlling the flow effortless. The ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip, and the easy-view calibrations enable easy dosage monitoring. Adding to its convenience, it’s a breeze to clean, ensuring the accuracy continues time and time again.

Nevertheless, the syringe is BPA free, which goes a long way to ease any concerns about health risks. However, one downside is that it’s made in China, which might raise a few eyebrows for those looking for locally-made products. Overall, this is an excellent tool for anyone seeking a reliable and easy-to-use dosage syringe.

Multipurpose Washable Plastic Syringes for Industrial Use


I recently tried the HUOBAOPAO 2 Pcs 150 ml Large Syringes in my everyday life, and they proved to be quite handy for various tasks. These syringes are not only sturdy, but they also come with clear and well-printed measurement markings on the side, making it easier for me to determine the right amount of liquid to measure.

One of the best aspects of these syringes is that they are washable after each use, which makes them convenient for next-time use. The plunger works smoothly, and the rubber tip on the plunger creates a tight seal, so no liquid escapes. However, there are a few downsides to these syringes. They are only suitable for industrial use and feeding animals, limiting their versatility.

Overall, the HUOBAOPAO Large Syringes are a practical addition to any industrial or pet feeding setting, and their washable nature makes them a great option for those who need to frequently measure liquid.

Affordable 10-Pack Plastic Syringes for Industrial Uses


LabAider’s 10 pack of 20ml/cc plastic syringes have been invaluable for my scientific pursuits. Each syringe is sealed individually, sterile, clean and safe. Using them for various applications like jello shots, measuring liquids and even in a lab setting, the syringes have proven efficient.

However, do be cautious as these syringes are strictly for industrial use and not personal use. The transparency of the syringe scale adds an extra element of precision to the tool.

Premium 30-Pack Plastic Shot Syringes for Jello Shots


Last weekend, I attended a party where the host served jello shots in these plastic syringes from Juvale. They were a unique and fun twist on the traditional jello shot glass.

The syringe was sturdy, making it easy to fill with the jello mixture, and it had a small opening which made it effortless to suck the jello out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the syringe came in a pack of 30, perfect for a large crowd. The syringes were also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

However, I noticed that a couple of caps were missing, which made me a bit frustrated. Nevertheless, I would still recommend these syringes for parties and special occasions as they add a fun and inventive twist to a classic party favorite.

High Capacity Plastic Syringe for Medical Use


I recently started using the BD Plastipak 50ml syringe and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer in my daily life. Its high capacity and luer lock syringe make it the perfect tool for various tasks, from medical procedures to simple, everyday chores. The syringe’s concentric tip is a real standout, adding a touch of elegance and precision to any project.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks I’ve noticed. First off, the syringe is quite large, which can be a tad cumbersome in some situations where a smaller tool would do the job. Additionally, despite being sterile and latex-free, the syringe still has a bit of a plastic taste when used for oral applications.

Overall, the BD Plastipak 50ml syringe is an excellent product for those who need it in their daily life. Just be mindful of its size and the plastic taste when handling it.

Affordable and Portable 5ml Syringes Pack of 3


I’ve been using the Modelcraft disposable syringes for a while now, and I must say, they’re a great little tool for those small projects. The clear color makes it easy to see the liquid inside, and the 5ml capacity is perfect for applying small quantities. However, these syringes are made of plastic, which can be a bit tricky when it comes to controlling the flow of liquids.

On the bright side, these little guys are great for crafts like paper art — they make applying glue so much more precise and way less messy. I do wish they came with a needle, but overall, they get the job done and are reasonably priced for pack of three. So, if you’re looking for a small, disposable syringe for detail work, you might want to give these Modelcraft syringes a try.

Single-Use SoftPack Syringe for Various Applications


As a frequent user of the Monoject SoftPack Regular Tip Syringe, I must say it has become a reliable part of my daily routine. I appreciate the color-coded translucent needle hub, which makes it easy to identify the correct syringe for my needs. The tip cap included is a great addition, as it helps to keep the syringe clean and free of contaminants when not in use.

One of the standout features of this syringe is its precision-ground, anti-coring, tri-beveled point. This allows for smooth, effortless medication administration, even in the most delicate of situations. The self-sealing, latex-free plunger tip is another highlight, as it ensures a leak-free experience every time.

However, one downside I have noticed is that the shipping process can be hit or miss. On some occasions, the syringes arrive quickly and in perfect condition, while on others, they take a little longer to arrive. Nonetheless, I would still recommend the Monoject SoftPack Regular Tip Syringe for its dependability and ease of use in a variety of situations.

Lab-Grade 10ml Plastic Syringe for Nuclear Medicine & IVF Procedures


As someone who has used the Norm Ject All Plastic Syringe 10ml in my daily lab work, I must say that it has been a game-changer. The high-quality materials and versatile usage have made it a reliable choice for various lab procedures. The positive safety stop feature is a great addition, ensuring that accidental spills are avoided.

While the syringe itself is quite efficient, I did find the packaging a bit cumbersome on occasion. However, this minor hindrance doesn’t overshadow the overall quality and reliability of the product. In summary, the Norm Ject All Plastic Syringe 10ml is a must-have for any lab setting, providing a non-reactive option for a variety of procedures.

High-Quality, Latex-Free Plastic Syringes with Safety Stop


I recently got my hands on the Norm JECT All Plastic Syringe 20ml, and I must say, it’s a game-changer for anyone who needs a reliable and non-reactive option for their injection liquids. What stood out the most was that this syringe excludes a needle, making it extra safe for use.

One of the things I loved most about this plastic syringe was its high-quality materials. The cylinder is made of polypropylene, while the piston is constructed from polyethylene. These materials guarantee a strong and durable syringe that performs exceptionally well under pressure.

The sterile packaging was another highlight. The syringes are sterilized using gas, which ensures that they are safe and effective for use. This feature is especially important in situations where sterility is crucial, such as nuclear medicine, amniocentisis, IVF, and embryo transfer.

However, I did notice that the syringe has a positive safety stop. While this feature helps prevent accidental spills, it also means that you need to be a bit more careful when using these syringes. It adds an extra step to the process, which might be a bit inconvenient for some users.

Overall, the Norm JECT All Plastic Syringe 20ml is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable and safe plastic syringe. Its high-quality materials, sterile packaging, and unique positive safety stop make it a standout option in the market.

Stylish Reusable Plastic Shot Syringes for Parties


I recently had a chance to try out Way to Celebrate Party Shots during a friend’s birthday party. These reusable shot syringes were a game-changer for our celebrations. With their clear plastic design, they added a touch of elegance to our party.

One feature that really stood out was their mess-free design. They made it so much easier to enjoy our favorite shots without making a mess. And the best part? No more spills or messy cleanup!

While they were great for shots, these syringes were also versatile enough to use with non-alcoholic drinks. We even tried using them for a fun Jell-O shooter and it worked like a charm.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The syringes were quite large, which made them a bit unwieldy. I found myself struggling to dispense the liquid at times, especially when trying to be precise.

But overall, Way to Celebrate Party Shots were an innovative and fun addition to our party. They helped us create memorable moments and kept things tidy and organized. If you’re looking for a unique and practical way to elevate your party experience, these reusable shot syringes are worth giving a try.

Precise Garden Syringe for Nutrient Measurements


I recently used the Measure Master Garden Syringe in my garden, and it has been a game-changer. The heavy-duty plastic construction with easy-to-read measurements is ideal for precise measurements of nutrients, supplements, and pesticides.

I especially appreciate how it eliminates any splashing or spilling of liquids, making it a practical and clean solution compared to using a measuring cup or spoon. Although the 60 ml/cc size may not suit everyone’s needs, it definitely makes measuring liquids for gardening a breeze.

29 Gauge Insulin Syringe — Prescription Required 🔥


In my daily medical routine, I’ve come across the GNP Insulin Syringe, a 100 count of 29 Gauge 1cc, 1/2" syringes. These syringes have become my go-to choice due to their supreme level of comfort. One of the outstanding features is the uniquely coated needle, providing a more comfortable injection experience for my patients.

The Unibody design brings unmatched ease of use and offers clear unit markings for accurate dosing. Despite their superior quality and user-friendly design, I must admit, the packaging can be a little overwhelming. All in all, this syringe set has become an essential tool in my arsenal, making my job a breeze.

Economical 10-Pack of 60ml Plastic Large Syringes


As someone who’s frequently needed a reliable plastic syringe in my daily life, these 10-pack 60ml syringes truly stand out. They not only eliminate profiteering and waste but also provide you with genuine products at reasonable prices. The individual sealing with a cap ensures sterility and cleanliness, giving me peace of mind when using them.

One aspect that I particularly appreciate is the clear and accurate syringe scale, making precise dosing a breeze. However, a drawback worth mentioning is that these syringes are intended for industrial use only, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Easy-to-Use Monoject Oral Medication Syringe


My experience using the Monoject Oral Dispenser Syringe has been quite satisfactory. The syringes are simple to use and their polypropylene construction ensures a clean, single-use experience. I appreciate the elongated and tapered luer tip, which prevents the possibility of the medication being injected parenterally.

The clear barrel and plunger rod make it easy to monitor the volume of medication being dispensed, while the ribbed tip caps provide an easy grip. However, the syringe’s design does require some care and attention to avoid accidentally injecting the medication.

Overall, these syringes are a reliable and practical choice for administering oral medications, and I’d recommend them to anyone in need of a clean, safe alternative to traditional syringes.

Buyer’s Guide

A plastic syringe is an essential tool for various medical and non-medical purposes. Despite their simplicity, syringes come in various sizes, styles, and materials, making it crucial to choose the right one for your needs. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover some important considerations and advice on selecting the perfect plastic syringe.

Size and Volume


The size and volume capacity of the plastic syringe are essential factors to consider. Syringes range from very small (e. g. , insulin syringes) to large ones, which can hold several milliliters of fluid.

  • Small volume syringes: Ideal for measuring and administering small amounts of medication, such as insulin or eye drops.
  • Medium volume syringes: Suitable for everyday use in medical settings to administer a wide range of medications, fluids, or samples.
  • Large volume syringes: Designed for tasks that require significant fluid or medication transfers, such as IV fluid administration or laboratory work.


Plastic syringes can be made from different materials, including PVC, HDPE, and polypropylene. Each material has its benefits and may be better suited for specific uses.

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) syringes: Lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive. They work well for small-volume applications but are not recommended for long-term use with certain medications due to potential leaching of chemicals.
  • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) syringes: More rigid and durable than PVC syringes, with better resistance to chemicals. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including medication administration and laboratory research.
  • Polypropylene syringes: Similar to HDPE syringes but with even greater chemical resistance and durability.

Design and Comfort

Look for syringes with ergonomic design and cushioning to ensure comfort during repeated use. Comfort features may include contoured grips, ribbed surfaces, or shock-absorbing materials for the plunger.


Accessories and Attachments

Check if the plastic syringe comes with any additional accessories or attachments that you might need, such as needles, filters, or adapter caps. These extras can save you money and make your syringe more versatile.

Regulations and Certifications

Ensure that your plastic syringe complies with relevant regulatory standards, such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approvals or CE markings for the European market. This is particularly important if you’re purchasing syringes for medical purposes.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll be better equipped to choose a high-quality plastic syringe that suits your needs and expectations. Always read user reviews and consult with a medical professional before making any final purchasing decisions.



What is a plastic syringe?

A plastic syringe is a medical device used for administering medication or collecting fluid samples from a patient. The syringe is made of plastic material which makes it lightweight and durable.

What are the advantages of using a plastic syringe?

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can be reused in some cases
  • Available in various sizes

Can a plastic syringe be used for vaccinations?

Yes, plastic syringes are commonly used for administering vaccines. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different vaccine doses.

Is a plastic syringe safe for injections?

Yes, plastic syringes are safe for injections. The plastic material used in syringes is non-toxic and does not cause any adverse reactions during use.

What are the types of plastic syringes available?

  • Disposable Plastic Syringes
  • Reusable Plastic Syringes
  • Fine Point Plastic Syringes
  • Insulin Plastic Syringes

Can plastic syringes be reused?

It depends on the type of plastic syringe used. Some plastic syringes are designed for single use, while others can be reused with proper cleaning and sterilization. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting to reuse a plastic syringe.

How do I properly sterilize a reusable plastic syringe?

The most common method for sterilizing a reusable plastic syringe is by using boiling water. Immerse the syringe in boiling water for at least 10 minutes. Make sure the syringe is fully submerged and that there is a steady boil. Allow the syringe to cool before handling.

Where can I purchase plastic syringes?

Plastic syringes can be purchased from various medical supply stores, pharmacies, or online retailers. Some popular brands include Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), Abbott Laboratories, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited.